Business Support

"Helping you make the most of your technology investment since 1999."

Joseph Carpenter is an independent technology consultant. In today's interconnected world, that means more than just working with computers. I provide personalized solutions for your business.

I am familiar with both Peer to Peer and also Domain networking configurations.

The key nowadays is to create hybrid networks that not only allow your data and applications to be very stable and secure at the office, even without an Internet connection, but also allow many of the same data and applications to follow you from one device to the other using cloud services.

"Cloud Services" is a catch phrase that means using the Internet to sync access to your your data and applications between different devices and locations. So you can work in the office, or at home, or even on the beach if you have a good connection to the Internet.

When your devices work better, you can stay focused on doing whatever it is that you do best.

A little about myself.

I have been supporting Microsoft Windows PCs since 1984, and Windows Servers and networks since 1992. I began doing so professionally in 1999. Depending on the situation, I can usually optimize settings to make Windows machines work better.

I have a working knowledge of Apple products since 1980, and OSX since about 2003. Well enough to troubleshoot many common issues on iMacs and MacBooks.

I have a passable and growing familiarity with Linux, but am not an administrator.

I am also familiar with network gateway devices such as firewalls, wireless access points, print servers, and other similar devices for networks. In the previous decade, I have worked at the forefront of migrating my clients infrastructure to hybrid local/cloud or full cloud based tools.

The technology needs of modern small and medium businesses are at once common to the market, and also unique to each client. Without going into too much technical detail here, I am familiar with wired and wireless networking configurations, and with many business applications in use today. If I have not seen yours, I have likely seen one that is similar.

Technology evolves constantly. What I do not already know, I am prepared to learn. Learning new systems is one of my primary skills. Adapting to new technology quickly is part of what being an information technology professional is all about.

The bottom line is I can help you make the most of your technology investment. Ultimately saving you money in the process.

If I cannot fix it, I will help you select a better replacement, or help you find an appropriate solution through another partner.

I can help.