Technology Support

"Helping you make the most of your technology investment since 1999."

Supporting technology today is about a more than just supporting computers.

Every day, most of us use one or more of the following devices: Desktop PCs and Laptops (Windows, OSX and Linux), Chromebooks, Tablets and Mobile Smart Phones (Android and iOS). These devices help us with our work, our play, and even getting the kids off to school on time.

When they are working well, they are a tremendous boon to our lives. When they are not working well, or when we do not know how to use them well, then they can get in the way so much that we may at times wonder if we need them at all.

People interact more and more with alarm systems, security cameras, and a wide array of Internet capable home and office automation devices including thermostats, garage door openers, smart door locks and much more. Many of these devices are relatively simple, but not everyone sees it that way. Not all of them work the same way. I know how to understand these devices, and can help you make the most of your technology investment.

I can help.